All photography provided by Jeremy L. Hansen

Since 2018, we have been thoughtfully feeding people post crises around the world.


Our Mission

Is to provide human services, especially post disaster, by making meals and nutrition available to the needy.

To source organic, if possible, and locally to help stimulate the local community’s economy.

To be as sustainable as possible, by reducing our footprint as thoughtfully as possible.

To be environmentally conscious with every decision we make, including who we source from and what we source.

To be a culinary first responder to those in natural disasters.

Ultimately, we are here to feed all who have disadvantages from disconnect or disaster all around the globe, including here at home in the 509.

No one is useless in the world who lightens the burdens of another.
— Charles Dickens

What We've Achieved and what’s in the works

  • Build relationships with World Central Kitchen and have joined them in their efforts.

  • Cooked over 25K hot meals to the citizens of Utuado Puerto Rico

  • Helped cook over 50K hot meals throughout Peurto Rico

  • Cooked hundreds of hot meals for the asylum seekers on the Mexico border in Tijuana

  • 100 sandwich Mondays

  • Fundraiser dinners

  • Building our team of culinary first responders

  • Donation only pop up kitchens

  • Partnerships with restaurants

  • Partnerships with other community organizers.

  • Feed anyone and everyone who is hungry with a nourishing meal.

  • Buen Provecho Film COMING SOON!